Polar Collar

$ 11.00

The Polar Collar by Non-stop dogwear is a very high quality collar with great padding for additional comfort making it the perfect anti-rub collar. It is easily adjusted to the correct size and features two reflective strips. It comes with a large stainless steel ring for easier attachment.

NOTE: These padded collars are a perfect solution for dogs prone to collar rub.  Please note that because of the ripstop material used on these collars, they will need to be replaced often for dogs kept on chains or swivels.  Active sled dogs kept on chains tend to cause heavy wear on these collar quickly, so expect to replace them fairly frequently(every year or two depending on how active the dog is).  We do not offer a warranty for these collars unless the product is defective such as a defective ring.  Please consider this before purchasing this collar for highly active, tethered dogs.


  • 5 or more: US $15/collar