Arctic Votta Expedition Mitten

$ 135.00

  • Adjustable- Tightens around the wrist and arm. It is easy to adjust when wearing the mittens, as the adjustment cords tighten on one side and loosen on the opposite.
  • Attachment loops- Attach the mittens to a lanyard, and avoid losing them on the ground when you take them off.
  • Nose Wipe- Soft and comfortable material.
  • Reinforced- Surfaces exposed to wear are reinforced with smooth and durable goat leather.
  • Extreme Insulation- The world’s most effective insulating material, Aerogel, is used inside the Arctic Votta. A whopping 3mm layer is used on the palms. Down-filled baffles trap the warm air inside and keeps cold air from creeping in.
  • Snow Lock- Hook and loop tape to enclose the mittens and avoid snow getting inside when not in use.